Performance Friction Передние тормозные колодки для Porsche 911 (996) в Москве

16:26, 12 декабря

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Наличие товара
В наличии
Состояние товара
Для моделей
  • Porsche 911, 991, 991.2
Для двигателей
M, 97, 70, MA1, 04, 71, 74, 75, 03, 02, 01

PERFORMANCE FRICTION Передние тормозные колодки для PORSCHE 911 (996) C4S/Turbo/GT3
Колодки тормозные перед PERFORMANCE FRICTION серии 01 Race Compound для Porsche

Тип: Race ready
Толщина колодок: 17 мм


Released in 2001,this compound has increased initial bite and improved modulation. The friction level has been increased for the first two-thirds of the braking event, with flatter torque curve and more linear friction curve compared to 83 and 93. This allows the driver to attack the brake pedal later, reducing the time spent on the brakes. Very smooth release will not over-slow the car, and wont overwhelm the cars set-up.

Like 97 compound, 01 has excellent modulation characteristics that improve controllability and driver confidence. 01 uses Performance Frictions unique lubrication package that maintains a minimal transfer layer on the disc to help prevent brake judder and provide excellent release properties, therefore reducing overall drag in the brake system. 01 is extremely easy on the discs with very low wear. Effective from 167F and reach 2000F (75C , reach 1100C), optimum operating range is between 860F and 1004F (460C and 540C).

WARNING: Race Compounds are not designed for street driving applications. Do NOT use racing brake compounds (Race Compounds above) on vehicles driven on the street.

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